Handling Languages in Lunatics!

As we’ve already mentioned in an earlier update, Lunatics!
will start out with two soundtracks — one in “original language” and
one in “English-only”. These tracks will be nearly identical most of the
time, but they will handle the few cases of characters speaking other
languages differently.

Of course, if additional language dubs become available (there’s been
some talk of a Spanish “fan” dub), they should follow the example of
the English-only version, keeping everything in one language. Otherwise,
the viewers will have subtitles (currently only in English and Russian,
but we hope to see more languages contributed after we release). This
will allow us to meet the needs of sophisticated adult viewers as well as
younger viewers who can’t keep up with subtitles.

Rosalyn Hunter compares two example dialogs from “No Children in Space”:

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