Welcome to Character/Wardrobe Modeler, Keneisha Perry

Our production team has recently been
joined by a new 3D graphics artist, Keneisha Perry, who will be working
primarily on characters and character costumes!


Welcome to Keneisha Perry

Lunatics is a very character-driven story, and unlike a lot of short
Blender movie projects, the character count is pretty high. This is
particularly true for the beginning of the pilot episode, since it
starts out on Earth. So one thing we need to be able to do is to take a
few basic character meshes and create a lot of variations, first for our
“Walk-On” characters (that appear only for a scene or two) and then for
“Extras” (background of shots, crowds, etc).

We also need to have our main characters go through some costume changes — into
spacesuits, obviously, but also, both Hiromi and Georgiana will be
wearing flight suits during the trip to the Moon, while on Earth, they
should be wearing more traditional clothes. That all calls for different
costumes to be created.

Fortunately, these are all strengths for Keneisha Perry, who is currently majoring
in a 3D graphics program in California. She’s already contributed some great work
for Georgiana and Hiromi Lerner, including the pinafore costume for Georgiana in the
picture, and she’s expecting to do more work on differentiating
characters for the pilot based on Bela Szabo’s character base meshes and
main characters.

We’re also discussing how we want to do our character rigging
workflow. Most likely we’ll just be starting from Rigify and perhaps
using the Sintel character rig as a guide to rigging design and
controls, but it’s still undecided. It’s possible that Keneisha will
also be helping a lot with this.

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