Central Market – Layered Set with Backdrop

We don’t want to waste our effort modeling every detail possible in every set. Some are only used briefly in a single episode, shot from only one angle, and therefore don’t need to be as versatile. In this situation, we can create an impression of greater realism and complexity by using simple models in front of 2D backdrops. The “Baikonur – Central Market” set is an example of this kind of set.

Central Market Build-Up ("Lunatics!" Project / CC By-SA 3.0)
Build-up of the Central Market set, showing the layers of backdrop and model used to create the environment. (Model by Travis Souza, Art Direction and Materials by Terry Hancock).

It’s still not quite complete, and we do not have the final version of the backdrop (which will be a hand-sketch image, rather than the stand-in we’re using here, which is based on a photomosaic). We’ll also likely add a background sky layer, or possibly a sky-dome, as we’ve done for other sets.

This is the open-air market where Georgiana buys the decorative box as a souvenir that appears as a plot point in the second episode, “Earth”. ┬áIt’s based on a real market, less than a block from the train station.

Things remaining to do with this set:

  • Update the backdrop with a water-color “anime style” background painting
  • Create billboards (plane-images that are rigged to point at the camera) for middle-background stalls and the interiors of the foreground shops (behind the glass windows), in the same style.
  • Some additional signage in the foreground
  • Reflector panels to show the opposite side of the street in the window reflections.
  • Rig the gate so it can be opened (or possibly just modify it to be permanently open).
  • Possibly a couple more iterations on the toon materials.
  • Add Freestyle groups and styles to outline foreground objects.

I’ll be reviewing more production assets in upcoming posts.

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