Ansible School

After several abortive attempts to write an Ansible script (“playbook”) for installing our server repeatably, and thus it making it possible to maintain properly, I realized that I clearly do not know what I am doing. So today is “Ansible School”. It turns out there are a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube about it (and that is how I learned Blender).

So far, I like this introduction best. Fair amount of detail, not too boring, and the presenter is talking about something she actually uses, which is always helpful:

[EDIT 2024: This video has been marked private, and I can’t even tell what account it came from to give proper credit! Fortunately, there are many other introductions to Ansible.]

But there are lots more.

Also moving on to wiring harnesses for the render cluster. I think I’m just about finished cutting metal on that project. The Ansible knowledge is going to be necessary for the software side of that project, too.

I do plan to document my own use of Ansible — there still seems to be a need for more examples. But it’ll be part of the overall virtual-studio project.

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