February 2023 Summary


Getting back on track with production this month, via the trick of screencasting my production work to give me more motivation. Mostly worked, although the screencasts thenselves consumed too much production time.


Started on the upgrade to the PLSS pack prop. Designed the branding art and started on the control panel.

Also created two more channels for the Film Freedom user on our PeerTube.

Talked to Ariel about organizing a small live-action open movie project with her theater friends. My purpose for this is to have material for the final project in my planned Kdenlive book.


Worked on LunaGen. Transitioned to using VSCodium instead of Eclipse, and got the tests working (except the vidoe embedding, which seems to have been broken by no-embedding policies on the videos I was using).


Just regular maintenance. Nothing special. Installed “Atkinson Hyperlegible” font. It’s supposed to be more readable for people with vision problems. Might consider using it on our website as a text font?


Watched videos from the Red Hat/Fedora sponsored¬† “Creative Freedom Summit” (and a few others).

Looked into learning more about accounting, and got some advice to use GnuCash for my project. Bought a book to help with that.

I considered taking classes, but determined that there were enough online resources to meet my needs.

February Report

Lunatics Website

ABX in Eclipse

VS Codium
LunaGen in VSCodium

Screencasts from February 2023

“KinderSUIT” Logo

Control Panel (“Before”)

PLSS Pack in Shot File


This month, I worked on the new “Portable Life Support System” prop for Lunatics, S1E01-SU.

Close up of new control panel for PLSS prop.


Controls Library

Updated Controls in Viewport

Additional screencasts documented my work on Georgiana’s Portable Life Support System prop, and the new control panel I created to support the revised animation.


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