Typesetting Pre-Production Materials

This week I’m starting to typeset the “Pre-Production Art Book and Writer’s Guide” that was promised in our Pre-Production Kickstart.

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More about music, and about this Lib-Ray thing…

This week I got most of the open questions about the soundtrack music settled. The only problem is that opened a new question too. I also started a (mostly separate) Kickstarter project for the “Lib-Ray” video format, and I probably need to explain a little how that connects to Lunatics.

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Survey Forms Sent Out Today

Today I sent out the rest of the survey forms to those of you who are getting physical rewards. The actual rewards will probably be ready to go out in about two weeks. I’m starting to work on typesetting and publications stuff, although I still have some of my part owing on the original art. I made a small error in the surveys — I had originally intended to create a separate blank for how you’d like your name to appear in the credits. But I forgot to include this question. So, if you want your name to appear differently than in the “Name” part of your address (or if you wish to remain anonymous), please send me a private message with the name you want us to use.

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Website clean-up and music licensing

I took a little time to spiff up the website, which was looking a little neglected. I also sent out queries to some of the musicians whose work I am hoping to relicense under By-S for use in our soundtrack. So far I’ve gotten one positive response, and one slightly unclear one. But I’m optimistic.

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Yuri’s Night 2012

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” — Douglas Adam

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Style Issues: Freestyle or Not?

Today I came across a news report abou the status of “Freestyle” in Blender, which reminds me of the animatio style issues I’ve been contemplating for Lunatics since the beginning: just how realistic will we want the graphic style of the series to be?

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Colonist Modelsheets Finished

We’ve crossed a pre-production milestone — the modelsheets for the eight colonists (our main characters) are completed. Daniel is now moving on to the artwork for secondary characters. This puts us on schedule for our (recently slipped) delivery goal of early May.

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Allen Emerson

Colonist Modelsheets Finished

In my last post, I had to announce a one-month slip. Fortunately, it looks like we are on track to make that goal. I can breathe a small sigh of relief now that the drawings for our eight main characters are done (the last three are below — the previous update includes the other five).

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Good News and Bad…

Well this is one of those “good news/bad news” posts. The good news is that Daniel is producing some truly awesome model sheets, and I want to share some previews of them. The bad news is that they aren’t going to be done on time. So, I’m slipping the pre-production schedule by one month to accomodate (i.e. Kickstart rewards should go out in May, now).

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Good News and Bad…

We’re breaking a lot of new territory on the project, at least for us, and this isn’t the first and probably not the last time I’ll misjudge the schedule. I had estimated model-sheet production based on Daniel’s time on the concept sheets, but he’s doing a much higher quality of work on the model sheets, and it takes some time (and unlike some of us, Daniel has a full-time day job to keep up with, too). I suspect I could’ve gotten my part done on time, but I have to admit, an extra month makes me feel a little less stressed, too.

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