Hiromi Lerner Concept Art Portrait

Earlier I posted a tiny picture of Hiromi as part of the preview of the Concept
Art poster, but here’s the completed “Hiromi Aoki Lerner” drawing. Of
course, like the others, this is drawn by Daniel Fu and digitally inked
and painted by Terry Hancock.

“Hiromi Aoki Lerner, wife of Dr. Robert Lerner, is the field doctor and
nutritionist for the International Space Foundation’s Lunar Colony. Mrs
Lerner holds a Masters in Health Science from the University of
Toronto’s Mississauga Academy and a Masters in Space Nutrition from the
University of Texas Online Branch. Only daughter of David Aoki, founder
of Aoki Aerospace, Hiromi has been interested in space travel from her
youth. She has a daughter, Georgiana Lerner age seven.”

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