Starting on the Project Work Today

Hello everybody!

Today, I started work on following through with the posters (the “Concept Art”
posters). I’ve queried our two logo sponsors and received a logo from
one of them. I also checked the cost of the poster printing.

I’ve also had a chance to run over the final numbers and make sure that the
overheads have all been accounted for. It turns out that when all the
costs and overheads are calculated, we have about $1836, which is very
nice: that will cover not only the $1600 for Daniel, but $100 incentive
for Rosalyn on the script writing work, and still leave a bit for

Given that we’re in the clear and it’s really not
very expensive, I’m planning to send out copies of the concept art
poster to all 47 backers (Most will be folded, as I described in a
previous update. Naturally those who chose the poster as reward will get
it rolled as planned). So, I’ll be sending out surveys which will ask
for a mailing address for this. This is just from me, because I really
appreciate all of the support, and because I’m happy with the way the
portraits have turned out.

[EDIT: One of Kickstarter’s handy hints reminds me that some people might
move between now and April. So, for anyone getting stuff in April, I’ll wait
to send out surveys then (and also only send one package). Still learning this stuff!]

We came with two designs: the “character guide” layout with the character
portraits separated, and the “group photo” layout with the characters
clustered together. I’m starting to favor the “group photo” design now,
but I think the best thing would be to ask you all which you prefer:

1) “character guide”


2) “group photo”

These aren’t quite finished — I need to do a little tweaking
on the scales of the characters and so on. The “guide” design would
probably have the character names added to label each portrait, while
the “photo” poster won’t have labels. Both will have two sponsor logos
(the pictures show four circles, but there will only be two logos). The
crease line for the folded posters is shown on the second poster — I
was trying to make sure it wouldn’t go through anyone’s face (of course
it will go through the middle of the “Lunatics” logo on the “guide”

Leave a comment to let us know which you like better —
we’ll pick which design to send to the printer based on the consensus in
the comments.

Thanks again! And we’ll be in touch.

Terry Hancock

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Terry Hancock is the director and producer of "Lunatics!" and the founder for "Lunatics Project" and the associated "Film Freedom" Project. Misskey (Professional/Director Account) Mastodon (Personal Account)