FSM Article about our project infrastructure

I wrote a column for Free Software Magazine about the free software infrastructure I set up on our server to support Lunatics. You might find it interesting:

Creating a Project Website for “Lunatics” with Apache, Zope, Plone, MediaWiki, Trac, Subversion, and the Cloud Too

I’ve run quite a few articles about the early stages of this project as part of my ongoing series “Making Free Movies with Free Software”

(I also wrote a few about my friend Konstantin Dmitriev’s “Morevna Project” on which I helped a little and hope to do more at some point).

Now that I have a site up for Lunatics, there is an actual production blog on the site,
which should be the most up-to-date most of the time (There is an RSS feed button on
the main page). I suspended writing for that during the Kickstarter campaign, and will
be picking up again right after New Years with details about the whole

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