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Ragdoll-rigged bunny

April 2023 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS Co-Location Study/Decision Troubleshooting Jitsi Meet (Videoconferencing Software) Minor Fixes to Virtual Studio Website Started Work on…

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Lunatics libraries in Gitea, after migration.

June 2022 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Another month of IT work on the new virtual studio project website. This month was focus…

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Screen capture of installed ResourceSpace web application

March 2022 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: PRODUCTION Worked on a 2nd 2-Minute Tutorial for “Proxy Workflow in Kdenlive”, but I ran into…

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February 2022 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS This month, I worked almost exclusively on development of our new project website, a.k.a. “virtual studio”,…

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August 2017 Summary

Highlights First render tests of the “Aquarium Room” set and the “Press Conference” blocking. Site construction, installing…

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Virtual Studio Plan

July 2017 Summary

Highlights Articles published about Virtual Studio, TACTIC, and Afanasy. Dug trenches. Laid pipe and cable for East…

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