September 2017 Summary


  • Dressing “Aquarium Room” set for Press Conference.
  • Character lighting & blocking, with glass reflections.
  • Tuning glass materials properties.
  • Article on asset classification for DAMS/VCS/etc.
  • Article on Freestyle Ink & Paint Look for Lunatics.
  • Commission project for Chris Kuhn.
  • Developing USB Flash Drive Figurine Concept.
  • Research on Copyright, Piracy, and Free Culture.

Final Assembly of the Press Conference Sequence

Sep 29, 2017


Final Assembly of the Press Conference Sequence

After many months of neglect, I am finally putting together the pieces for the “Press Conference” scene. In my previous post, I showed how the compositing works. I’m not done with all the IT and hardware work, but I decided to take a break and do some of the creative work, partly for my own sanity, but also so I have more to show here.

Compositing Technique for Freestyle Transparency and Proxies

Sep 27, 2017

Compositing Technique for Freestyle Transparency and Proxies


The last couple of weeks, I have been very happy to get back to some blendering! I’ve been working on the materials, lighting, rendering, and compositing setup for a set and the associated scene in the pilot episode. This is the “press conference” scene which includes most of the “true dialog” in the prolog.


Video Summary



The only way to check the alignment of reflected objects and characters, is to render. So camera positioning could be tricky — like this shot that inadvertently puts “spectacles” on the reflection of the reporter on the left, because of a chance alignment with the equipment in the back!
A small change in camera position makes it better. But I’m still kind of shooting in the dark, trying to predict the positions the reflections will show up at (it’s possible to get close just by looking at the incidence angle with the glass in the viewport window, but it tends to be imprecise). And another “spectacles” situation is happening with the reporter on the right, now!
A test pose of Hiromi and Georgiana, meant for 3D printing a custom USB flash drive (the drive would be inside a pedestal that Hiromi is meant to be sitting on).

I worked with Keneisha to develop a model we could make a custom 3D-printed USB flash drive out of. I was never quite happy with the effect. Here, the Georgiana model is a little larger, to make their eyelines better, but now Georgiana’s head is bigger than Hiromi’s! Maybe it was just not meant to be.



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