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Paul Birchard as “Allen Emerson”

Since we decided to have Paul Birchard do the Allen Emerson character (first introduced in “Earth”), I thought maybe I should share his audition for it. We enjoyed it a lot. This of course, is the same “Art Now!” interview that Rosalyn and I voiced earlier. I have to say that Paul a whole lot better than I am at the part! Of course, Paul is playing both the interviewer and Emerson here.

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Allen Emerson Concept Art Portrait

Allen Emerson is the last of the portraits for the Concept Art Poster. “R. Allen Emerson is a Conceptual Artist most known for his work in active and intelligent materials media. He made his name in the New York circuit winning the Andy Warhol Prize in Experimental and Performance Arts for his ground-breaking installation “Consciousness and Mechanism” presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts. His visionary exploration of non-static images of dramatic simplicity, and his pioneering work in interactive art has made Emerson a leader in the modern trans-humanist zeitgeist movement.

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