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August 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Website plan to migrate archives into S3 storage stopped by lack of FUSE support with Rose…

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Asset Classification Scheme

Reclassifying Assets for TACTIC Migration

Migrating data from one system to a radically different system typically requires a lot of thought and…

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TACTIC Replication & Backup

TACTIC Replication & Backup

I’ve been considering how we want to set up our virtual-studio asset-management system. There are a number…

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Download Link

Thanks again for pledging! Here’s the previously promised download link: http://lunatics.tv/Downloads/2013_KS_DL_IRIDIUM Includes eight different desktop background designs in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios, printable versions of the finger puppets we used in some of our previous videos, and an updated collection of banner graphics, should you want to link to our project. I had fun making these. I also did some more learning about Freestyle, though I have more work to do there.

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