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Duplicator reconnected electrically, though it is still mechanically taken apart.

Primera Bravo II – Testing USB Topology

This is the second in my series on upgrading my Primera Bravo II Disc Duplicator to work…

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View from above of the interior of the duplicator, showing the major parts, and in particular, the connections for the DVD burner we want to remove.

Primera Bravo II – Breakdown

This will be the first in a series of articles about converting a Primera Bravo II DVD…

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April 2022 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: IT WORK: Continuing work on YunoHost-based site. Got ResourceSpace working. Tested it with the music library,…

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December 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: This month, the weather has continued to be pretty mild, and I’ve continued with construction and…

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DVD Styler with Menu for Lunatics Open Movie Edition

March 2019 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Started mastering Open Movie DVD Edition for S1E01 Break Even & Cost Driver Analysis for Lunatics…

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August 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Website plan to migrate archives into S3 storage stopped by lack of FUSE support with Rose…

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Penultimate post: DVD datasets finished!

This will probably be my next-to-last update.  The DVD data sets are being mailed (all but one of them is in the post, the last one will go out on my next trip to the post office). There are two disks in a double-disk thin-pack (I know I didn’t actually promise a case originally, but I had these already, and I thought they’d look nicer than just sending you a paper sleeve). Disk 1 is a hybrid video/data DVD. That is to say,  you can put it into a DVD-player and play it like you would any DVD movie, and there is also “DVD-ROM” content on the disk which you can get to by putting the disk into your computer (look in the “Extras” directory). The DVD features include:

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