June 2016 Summary


Progress Bar for Website Fundraisers

I tried creating an Patreon-API based “progress bar” to put on the release website, to drive traffic to Patreon and try to gamify the fund-raising a little bit. If I had got it fully working, it would’ve gone through phases, first revealing silhouettes of the characters, and then revealing full-color images of them.

I worked on graphic design for these this month:

Bubble Tank Ambience

Prototyping KitCAT

Concept for a TACTIC client (“KitCAT”), implementing tests in Blender Python for a client integrated in Blender to talk to the TACTIC repository, and get key project information about the Blender file.

Studio Library Construction

My office is built into the back 12-feet of an ocean storage container. The front had been used as a library until 2013, with a collection of old shelf sets we’d accumulated over the years, and a doorway that was really an interior door mounted in a frame with chipboard paneling.

However, this burned out in December 2013, and much of the library interior was damaged by heat, smoked, and the water used to put out the fire. From 2013 to 2016, the front of the building was just a burnt-out hole, so it was pretty hard to keep out the elements, and this didn’t do the contents any good, either.

This year, we could finally afford to remodel as we had originally planned since we bought the storage unit.

This month, I worked on insulation of the outer walls, and framing the new sound booth (a sound-isolated closet meant for recording).

Sound Booth

I am constructing a special, sound-insulated closet behind some of the bookcases (the books provide additional sound insulation). This was built to have a communicating vent into the office, through which the booth would get fresh, conditioned air, via a very quiet fan, and wires could be run for USB connection to record on my workstation.

Non-parallel wall framing.
Framing for the non-parallel walls in the recording booth.

Note that there are very few connections between the inner and outer wall support, with a layer of insulation in between. This reduces the transmission of sound vibrations from the outside into the booth. The room is also not rectangular, so that the walls do not set up a resonance between them (couldn’t do much about the floor-to-ceiling space, though I did tilt part of the ceiling space for this reason). This is to break-up internal sound reflection — of course, I would also install damping foam and carpeting.

See also: Infrastructure Projects Update.


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