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Lunatics Now on Patreon

Today, we’ve launched an on-going crowd-funding campaign on the Patreon platform, which is oriented towards series projects like ours. We’ll be posting updated goals as we go. Our first goal is to raise the estimated $1000/episode that Lunatic will cost us in out-of-pocket cash to keep going (that’s not including anyone’s time, of course). During this first phase, we’re appealing to those of you who have helped us in the past (or tried to!). A new preview will be released on the Patreon page soon, with the updated NPR/anime style and a lot more of the 3D assets that we’ve been developing over the last year.

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And we’re back!

Well that was an interesting experience. Yesterday, we joined thousands of sites in what was apparently the largest Web blackout protest in history to oppose two very dangerous bills in the US Congress: the “PROTECT-IP Act” (PIPA) in the Senate and “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) in the House of Representatives. This seems to have had a useful effect, as a dozen or so people in Congress have reversed their position, and Obama’s administration released a statement in opposition to the bills. So now we’re back to the business of making new media content work!

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We’ll be joining the SOPA blackout tomorrow

Just quick note today: We’ll be joining the blackout protest against the SOPA / PIPA legislation tomorrow (Jan 18th), along with Reddit, Wikipedia, and many other sites.
Even Google will be doing something about it, as I understand it. This legislation could be extremely devastating to us, as it targets many of the people who we rely on as distributors, and of course, on viewers. Furthermore, it is unnecessary to create legislation like this as the threat of so-called “piracy” is vastly overblown.

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