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Yuri Gagarin, Lunatics Animation, Total Eclipse 2024

Reflections on Time and Space for April 2024

It’s now April 12, 2024. It has been 63 years since Yuri Gagarin became the first human…

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Diagram of 2023 Virtual Studio & Workstation

November 2023 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: November was honestly a pretty rough month for me. Not much production work accomplished, but lots…

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August 2023 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS This was a good month for production work, finishing rendering on one full sequence and recovering…

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Colorful seen of an alien seashore, littered with debris, which humans and possibly a big beetle are cleaning up. A hot air balloon is in the distance.

August 2022 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Getting back into production somewhat, but ran into a lot of technical problems I needed to…

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June 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: A lot of construction work this month, as well as software development, production work on Lunatics,…

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LTS Lander Interior

Moon Day 2015 – Projections and Progress

Faster, Better, Cheaper: Pick Two Moon Day 2015 has come and gone — the 4th since the…

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