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Close up of the installed M-Disc Drive

Primera Bravo II – M-Disc Upgrade

In the previous two articles in this series, I did an exploratory breakdown to learn more about…

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Primera Bravo II disk duplicator.

December 2022 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: The big event this month was the breakdown and upgrade of the Primera Bravo II Disc…

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View from above of the interior of the duplicator, showing the major parts, and in particular, the connections for the DVD burner we want to remove.

Primera Bravo II – Breakdown

This will be the first in a series of articles about converting a Primera Bravo II DVD…

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September 2021 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: I was somewhat frustrated with my self-discipline this month. I had intended to get busy finishing…

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Offline Hard Drive Storage

October 2020 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Disaster struck in October, with a failure of the hard drive I use for project data…

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April 2018 Summary

HIGHLIGHTS: Architecture concepts for KitCAT. Renaming Anya Titova’s satellite company. Filed Personal Income Tax. Project management tools…

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Technical Requirements for Lunatics – Render Cluster

One of the line items on the budget for this Kickstarter is to build a “render cluster”. You might be wondering what that is, and why we might need one.

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